Prep/After Care

Skin Prep

The best way to make sure you love your Island Glow is to carefully prep your skin before your tan and follow all the after care instructions.

Before Your Tan

Please make sure your skin is exfoliated and free of any lotions, deodorant, make-up or body oils.

For BEST results exfoliate & shave at least 8-24 hrs BEFORE your tan so your pores have a chance to close.

Make sure you are well hydrated the week of the appointment. Bodies that are well hydrated accept the solution much better! Do not use bar soap right before because it leaves a residue on your skin! If you are planning a mani/pedi, waxing, lashes or anything else, please do it the day BEFORE the tan!
Please wear baggy sweat pants and sweat shirt or long sleeve top to your appointment. You are always better off with a clothing barrier than skin rubbing skin. Your elbow creases, behind the knees and other areas can rub and cause issues. The clothing barrier helps prevent this. Flip flops or slip on sandals are best.

When tanning, wear whatever you are comfortable with. Some women go topless with underwear, some wear bathing suits and some prefer no tan lines.

*Men must wear some type of bottoms for the tanning session. (boxers, swimsuit, underwear)
Your appointment will be approximately 15-20 minutes

After Your Tan

Do not shower, wash your face, have any water contact, or sweat after getting the tan for at minimum 3 hours. We will discuss your exact rinse time at your appointment. Your rinse time is not a “suggestion”.  The longer you leave your tan on, the darker it develops – darker does not mean better – darker can mean awkward and unnatural looking. Please follow our time suggestions and after care advice.
Your tan will continue developing for 24 hrs, so no shampoo or soap for 24 hours. 

The instant color that you see is a bronzer. The bronzer may rub off on clothes or on sheets that night. Don’t worry, it will wash out! And the tan is not rubbing off, only the bronzer. Bring dark loose clothing for after the tan. A clothng barrier is always better than skin rubbing skin!

When you do shower, you will see the bronzer wash away, BUT you will be left with a gorgeous glow!  Make sure to carefully rub all over your skin in the shower to make sure all the bronzer comes off. Don’t hang out in there – its a quick 2 minute rinse.
Use a mild liquid soap for the rest of the week to help extend your tan, and PAT dry when you shower, Don’t rub!! Moisturizing is the best way to maintain your flawless color. 3 times a day with a paraben free lotion is recommended. We carry top of the line after care products to help extend the life of your tan. Avoid Dove and Bath & Body Works products.

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